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                            Escalator & horizontal escalator: What's The Differences

                            Public Transport Escalator

                            GRACES public transport escalator provides high-quality services in terms of safety, energy saving, and stability, and is a reliable escalator and elevator company for high-speed rail, airports, subways, and other crowded places.

                            The escalator lift drives the motor to rotate through the electrical control system, and the motor drives the driving elements to move the steps and the handrail so that passengers can ride from bottom to top or from top to bottom by standing on the steps and holding the handrail. Horizontal moving walk escalators are widely used in public transportation and other places and have become an important part of modern public places. Compared with straight escalators, escalators can meet the needs of uninterrupted transportation of passengers and greatly improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

                            GRACES-700 heavy-duty public transport escalator adopts leading technology at home and abroad, and the driving host adopts a two-stage deceleration structure, which is efficient and energy-saving. A full-frequency conversion control system is adapted to meet the passenger flow demand in different periods. The safety factor of the drive system reaches above 8, which meets the safety of the equipment.

                            Safety is particularly important in crowded public transportation places, such as the GRACES-700 escalator. The static load safety factor can reach more than 8 times, which is enough to meet the needs of various harsh conditions. The driving host adopts a two-stage deceleration device, and the transmission efficiency can reach 95%, effectively reducing the power loss. All metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials, and the service life of the whole machine can reach more than 40 years, so as to avoid frequent replacement of parts during use and reduce the utilization rate of the equipment, thus improving the passenger transport rate.

                            Horizontal Moving Walk Escalator

                            The horizontal sidewalk is specially developed for subway, airports, and other places with large crowds, which is convenient for the passage of large baggage cars and the extra space for passengers.

                            The motor is driven to rotate by the electric control system, and the motor drives the driving element to move the pedal and the handrail so that passengers and shopping carts can ride on the pedal and hold the handrail from bottom to top or from top to bottom. The nominal width of the horizontal moving walk escalator pedal and the nominal speed of the sidewalk determine the maximum conveying capacity of the escalator.

                            When shopping carts or luggage carts are used, the conveying capacity decreases by about 80%. For the travelator whose pedal width is more than 1m, its conveying capacity is not increasing, because users need to hold the handrail, and its extra width is used for shopping carts and luggage carts in principle.

                            When people push shopping carts or luggage carts, if they take escalators, they will be unable to fix shopping carts or luggage carts. At this time, inclined sidewalks can meet the needs of such situations. The shopping cart or luggage cart can be fixed on the pedal, and passengers can hold on to the handrail to keep it stable and safe.

                            T3 horizontal sidewalk adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving drive main engine and energy-saving control system to improve the utilization rate of electric energy. It adopts a 400mm pitch pedal structure, and the pedal width can reach 1400mm, thus meeting the needs of a large number of luggage carts and pedestrian places in subways and airports.

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