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                            JOYMORE-7A Passenger Elevator

                            Joymore-7A passes TUV elevator energy efficiency certification and obtains an A-level energy efficiency certificate.

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                            Features of JOYMORE-7A Passenger Elevator

                            • Flexible layout.

                            • Shaft utilization rate isup to 58.06%.

                            • Simplifed design.

                            • lnstallation efficiency improves by 30%.

                            Specification Of JOYMORE-7A Passenger Elevator

                            1Capacity (kg)4004505506308001050
                            2Speed (m/s)11111.7511.7511.75
                            3Operation Systemfull collective selection operation
                            4Driving SystemVVVF
                            5Door Operator SystemVVVF
                            6Traction MachinePermanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless type
                            7Control SystemCTRL80
                            8Parallel Elevators2 units
                            9Group Control Elevators3-8 units
                            10Wide Car1Car Dimension mm
                            Single door shaft size(mm)
                            Split door shaft size(mm)
                            11Wide Car2Car Dimension mm
                            Shaft Size mm

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