IFE High Speed Elevator

IFE High Speed Elevator

Sky building become a part of the city, the city life is busy and rush. when the elevator become a part of the sky building,why we need to wait for it? After few decade's research and develop,IFE elevator has contributed the best vertical transportation solution.

IFE High Speed Lift List

METIS-HS high-speed passenger elevator is a product developed by IFE for the high-rise real estate market and the business market.
METIS-HS High Speed Elevator

Why Choose IFE High Speed Elevator?

  • Multiple Security Technology

  • Imported brake is selected to ensure thehigh speed operation and safety and stability oftheelevator.

  • Shorten bufferstrole, reducepit depth and overhead height.

  • Comfortable Ride Experience

  • Fairing Design

  • Reduce wind resistance and pressure,carvibration and noise.

  • All New Structure of Car

  • Double carwall and sound insulation technology to ensure quiet of the car.

  • Improve operation efficiency and reduce passenger waiting time.

  • Power Regeneration Device

  • Whenthe elevator upward with light load and downward with heavy load, the potential energyof the elevator is corverted into electric energy under braking state, whichis transmitted to the power grid through the energy feedbacksystem and supplied to other nearbyelectric equipment for use.

  • Reduce harmonic pollution and improve power factor.

  • Reduce the heat output and temperature in the machine room, and improve the service life of elevatorequipment.

Why Choose IFE High Speed Elevator?

What Determines The Speed Of Elevators?

  • Load capacity and whether the elevator of the organic room has a certain relationship, its speed is between 1.0m/s and 3.0m/s.

  • And if the higher the floor, the larger the load capacity, then the speed of the elevator may also be larger.

What Determines The Speed Of Elevators?
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