IFE Home Elevator

IFE Home Elevator

A home elevator/ lift is a lift designed specifically for use in a residential setting, typically in a single-family home or a townhouse. The domestic/ residential elevators for sale are typically installed in a central location within the home, such as a hallway or closet, and allow for easy vertical access between floors. 

Different IFE Home Elevator

Having A Home Elevator Benefits

Having A Home Elevator Benefits

  • Improve the quality of home personal lift life and quality: Serving family users and improving the quality of life of the entire home.

  • The installation of custom home villa elevators is convenient and fast, the home elevators can be customized, and the design can be customized and selected. China home elevators can make the villa look more high-end and atmospheric.

  • Save space and improve convenience: adding an elevator to an existing home is convenient to move family items up and down the stairs, and the home residential elevator is convenient for users with elderly and children and inconvenient legs and feet at home.

  • Home elevators can add value to the villa: installing a villa elevator can add value to your villa.

How To Decide The Space For Your Home Elevators?

Generally, the size of the villa ladder is determined according to the size of the hoistway space reserved in the customer's home, and the villa ladder standard stipulates that the car area does not exceed 1.6 square meters.

How To Decide The Space For Your Home Elevators?

IFE Home Elevator FAQ

What is the glass thickness of the aluminum alloy derrick and the glass wall of the car?

Can the color of the aluminum alloy derrick be customized, and can the wood grain color be done?

What is the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy derrick?

Can you open the door at a right angle?

Why is the opening size of the aluminum alloy derrick larger than the civil shaft for the same hoistway size?

The glass of the aluminum alloy derrick and the glass of the car wall are: tempered laminated glass, and the thickness is: 5+0.76+5.

At present, the available colours of home elevator contractors' aluminium alloy derrick are black, white, silver, and champagne gold. Other colours cannot be customized.

The wall thickness of the aluminum alloy derrick is 3mm.

The door can be done, and it must be determined according to the actual hoistway size. Opening the door at a right angle cannot be done for the time being.

Because the verticality error of the aluminum alloy derrick is small, the reserved size is small. The verticality error of the civil shaft is large, and the reserved size is large.

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