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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE Inclined Moving Walk

                IFE Inclined Moving Walk

                An inclined moving walk, also known as a sloping or angled moving walkway, is a type of conveyor system that is used to transport people or goods up or down a slope or incline.

                IFE Inclined Moving Walk List

                The T2 inclined sidewalk is specially developed for shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of use, which can not only meet the needs of customers to ride, but also transport shopping carts and luggage carts at the same time.
                T2 Inclined Moving Walk

                Why Choose IFE Inclined Moving Walk?

                T2 inclined sidewalk is specially developed for our company for shopping malls and supermarkets. And the products have the characteristics of stability and reliability. The products have 133mm, 266mm, 400mm pedal structure to meet different customer needs.

                Why Choose IFE Inclined Moving Walk?

                When Should You Use Inclined Moving Walk?

                When people push shopping carts or luggage carts. It is impossible to secure the shopping cart or luggage cart if they take the escalator, and the inclined sidewalk can meet the needs of such situations. The cart or luggage cart can be fixed to the pedals, and passengers can grasp the armrest strap to maintain stability and safety.

                When Should You Use Inclined Moving Walk?
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