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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE Passenger Elevators

                IFE Passenger Elevators

                Passenger elevators/ lifts are designed to transport people from one floor to another within a building. The passenger elevator for sale is commonly found in residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, and other multi-level structures.

                Passenger Elevators Working Principle

                Passenger Elevators Working Principle

                The passenger lift cabin working principle is that the two ends of the traction rope are connected to the car and the counterweight respectively, and are wound on the traction sheave and the guide wheel. The traction force generated by the friction of the wheels realizes the lifting and lowering of the car and the counterweight to achieve the purpose of transportation.

                How To Choose The Capacity Of Your Passenger Elevators?

                When selecting and configuring passenger lifts for sale, you should carefully understand the building's own situation and use environment, including the building's use, scale, height, passenger and cargo; flow, etc.

                How To Choose The Capacity Of Your Passenger Elevators?

                IFE Electric Traction Passenger Elevators FAQ

                How long is the warranty period?

                How long is the fastest delivery time?

                How much does custom passenger lifts cost?

                What about the passenger lift maintenance?

                The passenger lift maintenance standard is at least 12 months, you can consult the salesman about extending the warranty;

                According to the actual situation of the project, different types of custom passenger lifts delivery time may be different, and the fastest standard is within 3 months;

                The passenger elevator/ lift price/ cost is determined by a variety of circumstances, including floor height, car size, elevator speed, etc. Please consult relevant business personnel.

                IFE Elevators is a company that provides comprehensive maintenance services for passenger lifts. Our  maintenance services are designed to ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of the elevators. Here’s a general overview of our maintenance process:

                Regular Inspections: IFE Elevators’ technicians conduct regular inspections of the passenger lifts. This includes checking the mechanical and electrical components, the lift car, the doors, and the control system.

                Compliance Checks: The maintenance services also ensure that the passenger lifts comply with all relevant safety standards and regulations.

                Record Keeping: Detailed records of all maintenance activities are kept. This helps in tracking the performance and condition of the lift over time.

                Preventive Maintenance: This involves routine checks and servicing to prevent potential issues before they become major problems. It may include tasks like lubricating moving parts, checking and adjusting the brakes, and testing the safety systems.

                Repair and Replacement: If any parts are found to be worn out or damaged during the inspections, they are repaired or replaced as necessary. This could involve anything from replacing a light bulb to overhauling the entire lift mechanism.

                Emergency Services: IFE Elevators likely provides 24/7 emergency services for any sudden breakdowns or issues. Their technicians would be on call to quickly respond and resolve the issue to minimize downtime.

                Built On Quality, Bloomed On Novelty.
                If you have any elevator & escalators questions, let us know, we will reply as soon as possible.
                Call Us:
                Jinlong Road, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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