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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE Machine Room Passenger Elevator

                IFE Machine Room Passenger Elevator

                Our MR passenger elevator is People-Oriented, Converge of Ife Innovative Technology. Safe, Comfort, And Efficient Experience By Human Technology.

                IFE Machine Room Passenger Elevator List

                METIS-CR1 elevator is a new generation product developed by IFE for the residential, office building and hotel market, highlighting the product concept of safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection, efficient service and high configuration.
                METIS-CR1 Passenger Elevators
                METIS-CR is a machine room product tailored by IFE Elevator for overseas residential, office building and hotel markets. METIS-CR Passenger Elevators are higher than Malaysian and domestic standards.
                METIS-CR Passenger Elevators
                Why Choose IFE Machine Room Passenger Elevator?

                Why Choose IFE Machine Room Passenger Elevator?

                Humanistic technology, safe and direct Humanistic technology, safe and direct

                The MR passenger elevator's diameter of the wheel rope is 25% higher than the national standard, the service life of the steel wire rope is extended by 2 times, and the strength test of the landing door is higher than the national standard.

                Comfortable experience, energy saving and low consumption Comfortable experience, energy saving and low consumption

                The electromagnetic compatibility emc standard certified by the eu ce authority.

                Safe and reliable Safe and reliable

                Through a variety of product configurations and R&D technologies, the safe operation of the elevator is fully guaranteed, bringing passengers a safer and more reliable experience.

                Convenient and stable operation Convenient and stable operation

                The combination of advanced drive technology and control technology makes the IFE passenger elevator shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, running smoothly and comfortably.

                Energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection Energy-saving, low-carbon and environmental protection

                It complies with the EU EMC electromagnetic compatibility standard, and has passed the German TUV energy-saving and energy-efficiency monitoring and evaluation, and has obtained the highest grade A certification of VDI4707ART1, making the product more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and helping a new low-carbon life.

                Efficient service Efficient service

                IoT elevator intelligent remote monitoring

                Machine Room Vs. Machine Room Less Elevator

                Advantages of machine room elevators: 

                The elevator machine room is usually set in an independent space at the top of the elevator shaft. Less noise, larger load, more convenient for daily inspection and maintenance.

                Advantages of machine room-less elevators: 

                MRL passenger elevators do not need to set up a closed independent machine room in the building. The equipment in the machine room is miniaturized and designed to save space and lower construction costs on the premise of maintaining the original performance.

                Machine Room Vs. Machine Room Less Elevator

                Machine Room Passenger Elevator FAQ

                Do you have elevator qualification, CE certificate?

                How about your elevator price and quality in the industry?

                What are the advantages of a machine room passenger elevator?

                What are the space requirements for a machine room passenger elevator?

                Are machine room passenger elevators suitable for residential use?

                SS550 (Singapore standard), EN81(European standard), AS1735 (Australian standard), GOST (CIS standard).

                We have been NO.1 elevator exporter in China among Chinese national elevator brands, and our products are servicing more than 40 countries. We have the biggest market share in Singapore, more than 10000 units. Our products meet SS550 (Singapore standard), EN81 (European standard), AS1735 (Australian standard), GOST (CIS standard). 

                • Efficient vertical transportation of people within a building.

                • Can accommodate a larger number of passengers compared to residential elevators.

                • Higher weight capacity for transporting heavy objects or equipment.

                • Smooth and reliable operation with advanced control systems.

                • Flexibility to serve multiple floors and accommodate various building designs.

                Machine room passenger elevators typically require a dedicated space for the machine room, which houses the elevator machinery and control systems. The size of the machine room will depend on the specific elevator model and capacity. It's important to consult with elevator manufacturers or installation professionals to determine the exact space requirements based on your specific needs.

                While MR passenger elevators are commonly used as affordable elevators for homes, they can also be installed in larger private residences that require a higher capacity and more robust elevator system. However, the installation feasibility and requirements will depend on factors such as available space, structural considerations, and local regulations. Consulting with elevator manufacturers or installation professionals is crucial to determine the suitability and feasibility of residential use.

                Built On Quality, Bloomed On Novelty.
                If you have any elevator & escalators questions, let us know, we will reply as soon as possible.
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                Jinlong Road, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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