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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE Hospital Elevators

                IFE Hospital Elevators

                VAMB series of medical elevator is famous for its safety performance and high reliability Humanized handrail and control interface are all specialized designed for medical care personneI and wheelchair-bound patients.

                Types of Hospital Elevators

                VAMB-ME small machine room medical elevator is a product developed by IFE for the hospital, elderly home and nursing home market, highlighting the product concept of safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection.
                VAMB-ME Hospital Elevators
                VAMB-JO machine-roomless medical elevator is a product developed by IFE for the hospital, elderly home and nursing home market, which has the advantage of saving building space and highlighting the product concept of safety, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection.
                VAMB-JO Hospital Elevators

                Why Choose IFE Hospital Elevators?

                • negative-ion generator.

                • meticulousservice,comfortablecare.

                • One button setto keep the door open longer, no need for manual operation.

                • IFE's noise reduction device brings a quiet environment.

                Why Choose IFE Hospital Elevators?

                Why Elevators are Important In Hospitals?

                • In response to the special requirements of the hospital, while providing patients with safer transportation conditions, it greatly facilitates the work of medical staff and assists them in fulfilling the sacred mission of saving lives and helping the injured. In order to avoid the impact of shock and shaking on patients, medical elevators need to ensure extremely high stability of elevators on the basis of higher speeds, and some conventional means can be used to ensure the reliable operation of elevators and eliminate potential safety hazards. Medical elevators are more comfortable.

                • Medical elevators mainly serve patients, in order not to cause secondary injury to patients when transporting patients, the comfort requirements of elevators are getting higher and higher. In view of the special use environment of the bed elevator, some measures can be taken to improve its comfort to reduce the pain of patients.

                Why Elevators are Important In Hospitals?

                IFE Hospital Elevator FAQ

                How To Choose The Right Lift For Your Hospital?

                What Kind of Elevator Do Hospitals Use?

                What is the Speed of Hospital Elevator?

                When choosing the right medical elevator, you need to consider some things:

                1. What is your building structure? The building structure determines the car size and running speed of the medical elevator.

                2. Do you need the medical elevator to only reach exclusive floors? If so, you can set it in advance; when you need to reach other floors, you can use an ordinary elevator.

                3. Do you need the elevator to avoid stopping at a specific floor during a specific period?

                4. Do you need continuous sterilization and disinfection of the elevator?

                Medical elevators are specialized elevators used in special institutions such as hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, etc. Its functional characteristics must have: 

                1. Easy to transport stretchers or simple hospital beds and patients with limited mobility; 

                2. Mature products and stable performance; 

                3. Comfortable operation;

                4. Easy to clean and disinfect;

                5. Specificity.


                1.75 m/s

                Built On Quality, Bloomed On Novelty.
                If you have any elevator & escalators questions, let us know, we will reply as soon as possible.
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                Jinlong Road, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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