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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

                IFE Elevator Strongly Landing at 2022 Iraq International Architecture Exhibition

                From May 24 to 26, 2022, the high-profile 2022 Iraq International Architecture Exhibition (Construction Iraq) was held in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq. On the day of the exhibition, the Minister of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and the Chinese Consul General in Erbil attended the exhibition together and participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

                China Escalators2022 Iraq International Architecture Exhibition (Construction Iraq)

                (The Minister of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and the Consul General in Erbil cut the ribbon)

                (The Minister of the Ministry of Trade of Iraq and the Consul General in Erbil cut the ribbon)

                According to statistics, this exhibition attracted more than 350 enterprises from more than a dozen countries, including China, Iraq, Türkiye, Iran, Egypt, Italy, etc. As an excellent representative of China's elevator industry, IFE Elevator was invited to participate in this exhibition together with the local partner SHALE GROUP.

                Iraq International Architecture Exhibition Booth

                (IFE Elevator - Iraq International Architecture Exhibition Booth)

                Under the epidemic situation, the public's enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition has not diminished!

                As the capital of the reservoir area, Erbil is located in the north of Iraq and has always been known as the "northern gate of Iraq". In recent years, as the situation has stabilized, the focus of Iraq's economic work has gradually shifted to post-war reconstruction. Based on the importance and stability of its geographical location, Erbil has attracted a large number of large-scale investments from the international business community. Many important exhibitions in Iraq have also been held here.

                2022 Iraq International Construction Exhibition

                As the most comprehensive construction industry exhibition in Iraq, the 2022 Iraq International Construction Exhibition is also the largest construction exhibition in Kurdistan, Iraq, and is no exception. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, compared with many large-scale exhibitions of the same type, affected by the epidemic in the past two years, the exhibition was either forced to be postponed or faced with the embarrassing situation that the number of exhibitors and exhibitors decreased sharply after the exhibition. The Iraq Erbil International Architecture Exhibition is quite different. Since the news of the International Architecture Exhibition, it has attracted many exhibitors from all over the world to register. Even though some Chinese suppliers could not come to the exhibition site due to the epidemic situation, everyone was enthusiastic. They chose to actively participate in the online trade fair, which shows the attraction of the exhibition to global construction product suppliers and the potential of Iraq's construction market.

                IFE Elevator Shines at the International Exhibition!

                As the only enterprise invited by China's elevator industry to participate in the exhibition, IFE Elevator, together with local partner SHALE GROUP, brought the latest type of elevator JOYMORE-7A with no room for this exhibition, which attracted the attention of the public immediately after its appearance with the characteristics of maximized hoistway space utilization, efficient energy consumption utilization and safe and reliable performance.

                A collection of guests from Kuaiyi Elevator booth

                (A collection of guests from IFE Elevator booth)

                During the exhibition, visitors to the exhibition hall came in an endless stream. A lot of Iraqi construction industry personnel are attracted to come here, and the staff on the site of IFE Elevator patiently answer questions for everyone one by one; Through face-to-face communication, not only did every customer come to have a deep understanding of the products of IFE Elevator, experienced the high-quality product design and precise manufacturing technology of IFE Elevator, but also further felt the "localization" and worry free after-sales service of the enterprise. It is worth mentioning that Consul Ni of the Chinese Consulate General in Erbil also walked into the booth. After carefully understanding the situation of IFE Elevator in Iraq and the global market, he praised the achievements of IFE Elevator in the international market, and encouraged IFE Elevator to continue to cultivate the local market and bring high-quality Chinese products into Iraq and even the world.

                bring high-quality Chinese products into Iraq and even the world

                To pay homage to our original intention, over the past 35 years, IFE Elevator has been making constant efforts to realize the brand dream of "Made in China" and promote Chinese brands from home to abroad. This time, IFE Elevator was able to stand out from hundreds of well-known exhibitors around the world and shine at the 2022 Iraq International Architecture Exhibition, which was due to its strength. In the future, IFE Elevator will continue to water its dreams with love and faith, promote the Chinese elevator brand to a larger stage, let more people know IFE Elevator and trust Made in China!

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