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                            Introduction to Types of Elevators

                            Types of elevators are classified into four categories: traction and forced drive elevators, hydraulic drive elevators, escalators and moving walkways, and other types of elevators.

                            Traction and Forced Drive Elevators:

                            Traction refers to pulling, which is the movement form of the elevator, which makes the elevator move back and forth by pulling. Forced drive elevators do not require machine rooms. They drive elevators by chains or wire ropes, which are also called machine-room-less elevators.

                            Traction and forced drive elevators include passenger elevators driven by traction, freight elevators driven by traction, and freight elevators driven by forced drive.

                            Hydraulic Drive Elevators:

                            It is an elevator that makes the car move up and down by injecting oil into the cylinder through hydraulic power source, causing the plunger to move in a straight line. Hydraulic drive elevators are also an early form of elevators and are more suitable for short-distance, heavy-duty use cases. They are widely used in factories, parking lots and other low-rise buildings, and are more economical compared to traction elevators.

                            Escalators and Moving Walkways:

                            Escalators are composed of chain conveyors and belt conveyors, which take the form of steps and are used to transport passengers to different floors.

                            Moving walkways are fixed electric drive devices with circulating runways (plate or belt) that are used to transport passengers horizontally or at an inclination angle not greater than 12°. They do not appear in steps.

                            Other Types of Elevators:

                            It refers to elevators for special purposes, such as explosion-proof elevators, firefighter elevators, freight elevators, inclined elevators, chairlift elevators, cold storage elevators, mine elevators, and aircraft elevators. Explosion-proof elevators have explosion-proof functions and are industrial type elevators that can prevent sparks and high temperature ignition. Firefighter elevators are designed with fire protection and are relatively rare. Freight elevators transport goods only, with no access for individuals. Chairlift elevators are driven by motors and allow individuals to sit on a chair and control the buttons on the handle to move up and down along the stair railing. Cold storage elevators are special elevators used to transport frozen goods in large cold storage or refrigeration workshops, which require ice sealing, immersion water requirements, and adapt to low-temperature environments. Generally, it needs to meet the door leaf and guide rail requirements. Mine elevators are elevators used to transport personnel and goods inside mines. Aircraft elevators are specialized elevators that can vertically lift planes weighing tens of tons to hundreds of tons from underground garages to airport runways.

                            IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD has the A1 level qualification issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which covers the manufacturing, installation, renovation, and maintenance of special equipment. It is a large-scale elevator enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, installation, and after-sales service.

                            Currently, IFE ELEVATORS products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Moreover, IFE ELEVATORS ranks first in China's elevator brand export ranking for many years, creating the highest record of a single item of Chinese national elevator brand exports, which enjoys a good reputation in the international market and is a rising new force of Chinese national elevator brand.

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