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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

                Partnering for Progress - 2022 IFE ELEVATORS 35th Anniversary Brand Celebration and Global Partner Conference Held in Grand Style

                Join hands with partners and forge ahead together. On July 17, 2022, the 35th anniversary celebration of IFE ELEVATORS and the Global Partner Conference were grandly held in Chengdu, China, the "Land of Abundance". For IFE ELEVATORS, the past 35 years have not only been a process of growing up from small to strong, but also a journey of working together with partners and keeping pace with the times.

                At the 35th anniversary celebration, the President of IFE ELEVATORS, Luo Aiming, began his speech by looking back at the 35 years of ups and downs, expressing gratitude to the partners who have worked together, and ended with looking forward to achieving new breakthroughs in Chinese manufacturing and working together with partners for development. He depicted a magnificent journey of IFE ELEVATORS over the past 35 years. Kone employees and partners around the world, through live streaming, also witnessed the grand celebration of IFE ELEVATORS's 35th anniversary with more than 500 guests on site.

                Enterprise development: Keep pace with the times and lead the industry revolution!

                From 1987 to 2022, in 35 years, during 12770 days and nights, the development of IFE ELEVATORS can be regarded as a model in the industry. As an enterprise leading the national reform and opening up, and an excellent representative of Chinese national elevator brands, IFE ELEVATORS has followed the pulse of the times, rooted in "Made in China", and gradually established a CNAS laboratory accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. They have also been awarded the A1-level elevator production qualification by the State Administration for Market Regulation (the highest-level national elevator production qualification), and own nearly 300 invention patents. IFE ELEVATORS, with its strong research and development capabilities, successfully broke through the siege of foreign brands, transformed from a "Chinese national elevator brand" to a "globally trusted elevator brand", and became an excellent representative of Chinese national elevator enterprises.

                Zhang Lexiang, the Secretary-General of the China Elevator Association, also expressed in his speech at the conference, that 35 years is a difficult journey for a company, which has gone through all kinds of challenges and difficulties. It is not easy to achieve today's success. Now, facing the moment again affected by the epidemic, real estate structure transformation, and deep adjustment, he encouraged IFE ELEVATORS to closely follow the national development strategy, practice new development concepts in the new era, work together with all partners to create a win-win situation, continuously improve business performance, and shoulder corporate social responsibility, focusing on sustainable development.

                Brand evolution: Focus on the future and achieve better development!

                In recent years, the Chinese elevator industry has been surging, and in an uncertain environment, commercial competition has intensified. Faced with the rapidly changing market environment, companies must continuously innovate and modify marketing methods and adapt to the changing pace of the market. In the evolution of marketing, IFE ELEVATORS's senior executives said during discussions with many dealers that in the future, IFE ELEVATORS will promote layout around dealers and markets, and continue to take a stable and high-quality path to brand development through digital empowerment.

                In addition, the senior executives of the company also took this opportunity to show all partners the relevant situation of IFE ELEVATORS's digital factory construction. In the future, with the completion of the Kone digital factory, the company will not only be able to have stricter control and overall arrangement of product design, materials, production process, etc., but also be able to quickly and reliably produce more customized and high-quality products to serve the market, helping themselves and customers achieve better development.

                Product evolution: Upgrade solutions, empower customers!

                In the new era, as the macro economy continues to run smoothly and our country's economic overall structure shifts, industrial parks, as the main carrier of economic development, have become more diversified in their functions, gradually transitioning from a single production-oriented model to a new type of city that integrates production, work, and residential life.

                Under this background, IFE ELEVATORS is determined to innovate and actively upgrade the industrial park application solution, using digital empowerment to provide core driving forces for many industrial parks such as JD, DJI, Huawei, Foxconn, CIMC, and Wanyang Group, assisting enterprises in achieving sustainable development and becoming the engine of the new era.

                Moreover, in view of the continuous growth of real estate villa investment in our country in recent years and the further expansion of the home villa elevator market space, IFE ELEVATORS has also customized a complete set of villa elevator solutions tailored to individual needs. Since its launch, this solution has also been highly recognized by the market and users. At the conference, the villa elevator promotion activities also received strong support from partners and achieved great success.

                Looking to the future: Deeply cultivate the "digital" new track and seek higher development!

                Regarding the future layout and planning, President Luo Aiming also emphasized at the brand celebration that the current elevator industry is completely different from the past ten years. The competition in the industry is no longer limited to market competition, but is focused on business models and long-term strategies. Therefore, facing the arrival of the era of digital manufacturing, IFE ELEVATORS will deeply cultivate the "digital" field and make new breakthroughs in five strategic areas of operation mode, product research and development, after-sales service, factory planning, and cooperative ecological chain.

                At the same time, they will continue to deepen the "partner win-win strategy", gather suppliers, agents, financial institutions, and other stakeholders, to create a coexisting and prosperous "Kone ecosystem". Through the mode of mutual assistance, information sharing, and mutual growth within the ecosystem, they can open up the industrial value chain, enhance each other's core competitiveness, market share, and corporate vitality, and finally realize the beautiful vision of common development and prosperity with their partners.

                Time flies, years go by, and the years are like poems and songs. In 35 years, IFE ELEVATORS has flourished, and in the next 35 years, they will be reborn. In the context of continuous innovation of Chinese intelligent manufacturing, IFE ELEVATORS will keep upgrading technology and services, contribute greater power to the upward path of Chinese national elevator brands, and promote the industry to achieve broader development. The next 35 years of IFE ELEVATORS's excellence are worth looking forward to! At this moment, let us join hands and set foot on a new journey, and embark again!

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