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                            ATLAS-T8 Freight Elevators

                            When the elevator stops and opens the door, it is found that the difference between the car and the floor door is larger than the prescribed value.The elevator automatically operates to make the floor of the car and floor door again flat.

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                            Features Of ATLAS-T8 Freight Elevators

                            • Open The Door And Lay Ilt Flat.

                            • Reciprocal Device For Switching Door.

                            • The Elevator Opens And Waits, And Countdown Closes.

                            • Ems Elevator Management System.

                            Specification Of ATLAS-T8 Freight Elevators

                            1Capacity (kg)320040005000600070008000
                            2Speed (m/s)0.510.510.510.510.510.51
                            5Operation Systemfull collective selection operation
                            6Driving SystemVVVF
                            7Door Operator SystemVVVF
                            8Traction MachinePermanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless type
                            9Control SystemCTRL80
                            11Car Dimension mm
                            13Shaft Size mm

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