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                            IFE ELEVATORS Cooperates with BALAMBO to Build Major Projects for People's Well-being in Iraq

                            Recently, good news came from the overseas operation center of IFE ELEVATORS. In the Zanko City project in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, IFE successfully reached a project cooperation with BALAMBO, one of the largest developers in Iraq, to provide it with 27 JOYMORE-7A machine room-less passenger elevators.

                            【Project Highlights】

                            As one of the largest developers in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, BALAMBO covers housing development, construction contracting and infrastructure contracting. At the same time, BALAMBO also participated in the construction of many Soleimani city landmarks and main roads, and was a participant and witness of the urban construction of Suleiman.

                            Zanko City in Iraq is a livelihood project initiated by the Sulaymaniyah government and BALAMBO to solve the problem of teachers' housing. The purpose of this project is to build elegant housing for teachers, which has extremely high requirements on the quality and installation of the elevator.


                            In the implementation of this project, due to the more complex policy environment, cultural differences, and severe epidemic challenges, IFE is facing great challenges. However, with high-quality products, high-quality services, and years of experience in implementing large-scale international residential projects, IFE finally completed the project delivery with high quality and quantity.

                            Compete with the epidemic and complete the delivery according to the specified time

                            Starting in 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic that lasted for more than two years has brought considerable impact to all walks of life, and the same is true for the elevator industry. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, IFE ELEVATORS has developed a one-stop overall solution based on customer and project needs, as well as years of project experience in the Middle East.

                            In order to complete the order delivery with quality and quantity, the project manager adjusted the project schedule in time according to the situation of the epidemic, organized the installation personnel in an orderly manner, and ensured that the material procurement, production, installation and other links were carried out in an orderly manner. In addition, the company specially dispatched a group of senior engineers to control the installation progress and quality throughout the process, coordinate the resources of all parties to solve internal and external problems, and ensure that the construction is carried out according to the schedule.


                            Coordinate people advancement projects in different countries in the collision of cultures

                            In addition to the test of the epidemic, in this multinational elevator project, it is not a small challenge to coordinate the installation personnel of different nationalities to work according to the planned progress. For example, communicating and cooperating with people from different countries and different work styles requires constant adjustment and adjustment to minimize problems caused by language differences and information asymmetry.

                            To this end, the team of IFE ELEVATORS held a project promotion meeting in the early stage. According to the local geographical environment and cultural factors of Sulaymaniyah, they arranged a perfect construction schedule and established an effective communication mechanism to make the project implementation transparent. , visualization. At the same time, IFE also effectively coordinated the deployment of personnel between production sites, strictly controlled the project progress, and ensured that the construction and installation operations were carried out in accordance with the schedule.


                            Focus on products and lead the upgrade of domestic elevators

                            The JOYMORE-7A machine room-less passenger elevator used in this bid-winning project adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology in terms of technical processing and configuration.

                            In terms of hoistway design, IFE ELEVATORS adopts a more flexible design method, which is dominated by the hoistway space, and successfully combines the practicality and aesthetics of the space. This greatly reduces the space occupied by the shaft and brings more commercial value to the building.

                            In terms of process design, the fully modular design and scaffold-free installation not only greatly improves the efficiency of elevator installation, but also makes elevator installation and decoration more standardized and simplified, which has won the approval and approval of developers.


                            The successful delivery of this project has set a new model and benchmark for IFE ELEVATORS in the Iraqi market. At the same time, local developers have a more intuitive feeling and understanding of IFE's product quality and quality, which brings opportunities for IFE's subsequent development in the Iraqi market.

                            In the future, IFE ELEVATORS will deeply cultivate the international "go global" strategy, and take the national "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy as the basis to steadily and steadily promote the strategic layout of the company's globalization. IFE enables Chinese national brands to shine on the world stage, and enables Chinese technology and Chinese manufacturing to go global.

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