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              1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
                IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

                Reliable Strength: IFE Contributes Again with 207 Units for Singapore HDB Municipal Project

                After successfully providing over 6000 elevators for the Singapore HDB project (a total of eighteen phases), IFE, leveraging its prior delivery of high-quality elevators and outstanding engineering services, has once again earned trust. In the recent development, IFE has partnered with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore to contribute to the municipal project of the Tampines Town Council in collaboration with the HDB.

                The President of IFE and Chevalier's General Manager for Singapore jointly attended the project signing ceremony


                Tampines Town Council - HDB municipal project

                Up to now, IFE has provided 207 elevators for this project




                The Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Singapore is the largest property operator and manager in Singapore

                Responsible for planning and developing residential areas in Singapore

                This project is part of the Singapore Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) proposed by HDB

                It is one of the important public construction projects to improve people's livelihood

                By providing direct elevator access to all floors of residential areas

                It improves the accessibility and convenience of elevators

                IFE has upgraded 71 elevator control solutions for this phase of the project

                The system has undergone a series of extremely rigorous performance tests

                To achieve more accurate elevator operation control

                The elevators are more in line with market demand

                While improving the comfort of users riding the elevator, it significantly reduces the failure rate


                Singapore has extremely strict requirements for products and engineering

                The Singapore HDB municipal project is known as one of the most stringent and complex projects in the world

                IFE relies on professional solutions and cross-border boutique engineering experience

                Meeting the Singapore's high standards of technical requirements, safety requirements, and reliability requirements

                This signing project once again demonstrates the brand value and excellent influence of IFE

                And lays a solid foundation for winning more global engineering projects in the future

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