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                            What are Elevator System?

                            Elevator structures and elevator systems

                            According to the structure of the elevator and the four Spaces occupied by the elevator can be divided into: machine room part, shaft and pit part, car part, landing part. From the function of the elevator can be divided into eight systems: traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system.

                            According to the different driving modes, the elevator can be divided into traction drive, forced (drum) drive, hydraulic drive and so on. The traction driving mode has the advantages of safe and reliable lifting height is basically unrestricted, and the elevator speed is easy to control, which has become the mainstream of the elevator product driving mode. Drum drive is mainly used in lifting equipment; Hydraulic drive is also widely used in elevator drive because of its large lifting force, stable operation, and no need to locate the machine room above the shaft.

                            In the traction lifting mechanism, the wire rope is suspended in the rope groove of the traction wheel, one end is connected with the car, and the other is connected with the counterweight. When the traction wheel rotates driven by the traction motor, the traction wheel uses the friction between it and the wire rope to form the traction driving force, which drives the elevator wire rope and then drives the car and the lifting of the counterweight. The following, the traction drive elevator as an introduction to the elevator system type object.

                            The inner structure of the elevator is the core of the elevator, Including frequency converter, brake, buffer, safety gear, speed governor, introduction device, automatic switch, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, master electrical equipment, terminal switch, door interlocking contact, brake electromagnet, light signal panel, floor light signal, signal display, signal bell, guide rail, shaft, machine room, car Elevator, platform, counterweight.

                            Types of elevator systems

                            Traction system

                            The main function of the traction system is to output and transfer power to drive the elevator car up and down.

                            The tractor system is mainly composed of the tractor machine, the traction wire rope, the guide sheave, the diversion sheave etc.

                            Guiding system

                            The main function of the guide system is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the weight, so that the car and the weight can only move up and down along the guide rail, and bear the braking force when the safety gear work.

                            The guide system is mainly composed of car (weight) guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail lubrication device, guide rail bracket and so on.


                            Car is the elevator assembly used to transport and protect passengers and cargo, is the working part of the elevator.

                            The Car consists of a car frame and a car body.

                            Door system

                            The main function of the door system is for passengers or goods to enter and exit the car. It must be closed and locked during operation to protect the safety of passengers and goods, and seal the landing station entrance and car entrance.

                            The door system is mainly composed of: car door, floor door, opening and closing system and door accessory parts.

                            Weight balancing system

                            The main function of the weight balancing system is to balance the weight of the car and the weight of the load, ensure the generation of traction gravity, reduce driving energy consumption, compensate the weight transfer caused by the length change of the elevator traction rope and cable, and keep the weight difference between the car and the counterweight within the limit in the elevator operation.

                            Weight balance is mainly composed of counterweight (balancing weight) device and weight compensation device.

                            Electric dragging system

                            The main function of the electric drive system is to provide power to drive the elevator.

                            Electric drive system is mainly composed of traction motor, power supply system, speed feedback device, motor speed regulating device and so on.

                            Electrical control system

                            The main function of the electrical control system is to operate and control the operation of the elevator and realize the elevator functions.

                            The power control system is mainly composed of: control box, call box, position display device, control cabinet, leveling device, limiting device, etc.

                            Safety protection system

                            The main function of the safety protection system is to ensure the safe use of the elevator and prevent accidents that endanger the safety of people and equipment.

                            Safety protection system is mainly divided into mechanical protection system and electrical protection system, the mechanical protection system consists of: speed governor, safety gear, buffer, terminal protection device, electrical protection system consists of: overspeed protection device, power supply system fault phase protection device, beyond the upper and lower limit of the working position of the protection device, door lock and near the door protection device.

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